It goes without saying that a trademark, logo, and domain name play a crucial role in building a valuable brand. Almost 20 years ago, when InText was just founded at the dawn of the Internet boom, the owners had a natural desire to buy the most suitable domain name - intext.com and strengthen it with a beautiful modern site. While the second task was quite feasible and successfully implemented, the first one ran into an unexpected obstacle. Who would have thought that this domain name was already being used by a Californian company that offered a search engine utility back then!

Obviously, InText offered to buy out the domain name but the owners refused to sell. Nothing was left but to use alternative or local domains such as intexts.com, then intext.ua, and later intext.eu. But we never gave up trying to make our dream come true and finally, after 9 years of regular challenging negotiations with the previous owner, we have managed to close the deal and buy the intext.com domain!

As always, intelligent efforts and patience result in a victory, and InText proves to be very persistent in achieving its business goals. We now have the ideal universal domain name with its own history which is especially convenient for our American clients. We are very excited and promise to always be on the crest of the wave in the localization industry with our well-deserved domain name.

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