This is the second week that the InText team has been working from home, and we would like to share our results and observations so far.

We continue to ensure the smooth operation of all our business processes. As before, we are accepting and delivering work, making payments, and maintaining contact with our customers and freelance team by email, phone, Skype and other channels of communication.

Our full–time staff – project managers, editors, contractor coordinators, DTP employees, QC specialists, heads and personnel of auxiliary departments — are all working from home during our normal working hours: from 10am to 7pm Monday through Friday. We are also available out of hours for urgent requests.

We continue to process new requests promptly and provide project feedback within 30 minutes. We also keep on delivering translations in the languages offered, ensuring high standards, timely completion and professional project administration by our managers.

Our experienced IT specialists are constantly monitoring all systems to ensure uninterrupted operation of the servers and the internal portal for exchanging job orders with contractors.

We will monitor the situation closely, keep you updated and take every effort to support our common cause.

Keeping safe and working as usual

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