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TUV NORD Certificate InText is a member of tekom community IS0 17100:2016. Our registration number is 7U396 InText is a UTIC Organizer InText ranked 1th amoung TOP 10 Ukrainian LSPs

Keeping safe and working as usual 25 March 2020

This is the second week that the InText team has been working from home, and we would like to share our results and observations so far.

InText team is working remotely at full capacity 18 March 2020

We hope you, your colleagues and loved ones are safe during this challenging time for the whole world!
We at InText continue to operate at full capacity, staying positive and supporting each other.

Thank You Day at InText 14 February 2020

It is a good tradition to send a greetings cards to your loved one on St. Valentine’s Day.
But we at InText decided to go a step further and generate some good vibes.

InText Takes Part in MTC’s 10th Meeting 20 December 2019

While InText Translation Company is preparing for UTICamp–2020, our CEO Stanislav Kalenyuk, COO Kirill Fedotov and CBDO Stanislav Bogdanov have taken part in the MTC’s 10th anniversary meeting to catch up with colleagues and get some ‘conference inspiration’.

InText at TEKOM & TCWORLD 2019 12 December 2019

The annual tcworld conference and tekom fair were held on November 12–14 in Stuttgart, Germany. tekom is a professional association of various companies that share a common goal: creating and disseminating technical communication. This year, the event was attended by 4,550 delegates with 140 companies participating in the exhibition, and included over 240 presentations, workshops, seminars and meetings.
InText is a member of tekom Association and we simply could not miss this landmark event, which brings together a wide range of experts.

Happy International Translation Day! 30 September 2019

InText sends the best wishes on September, 30th!

UTICamp–2019: what makes it unique? 23 September 2019

InText Translation Company is an organizer of Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference since 2013.
This year it has been held on July 22–28th in a picturesque campground along the banks of the river. We have done it again to unite linguists and companies, to develop industry and to fan the spark of new ideas.

InText is celebrating its 17th birthday 19 September 2019

InText is celebrating its 17th birthday this year. We decided to take advantage of the weather and have a party outdoors. Last year, we took part in a corporate regatta for the first time, and we liked it so much that we decided to go on this exciting adventure again this year.

Meet InText at the tekom fair on November, 12–14 in Stuttgart, Germany! 04 September 2019

The InText team is going to the tcworld conference and will be exhibiting at the tekom fair on November 12–14 in Stuttgart, Germany.
Stanislav Kalenyuk, Anna Kraineva, Stanislav Bogdanov, Valeriya Vezovyk, and Sergiy Ishchuk will meet you there!

InText has become a member of the tekom community 15 August 2019

InText is expanding its professional horizons, and we are delighted to announce that our company is now a member of the tekom community.

InText’s Summer Corporate Party 13 June 2019

Summer is a good time to get out of the city for a rest from the hustle and bustle. This is the third year that the members of InText team have met for a company summer party at Meteorit campsite, where UTICamp will take place.

The InText team attended the T–Update conference in Tallinn 23 May 2019

On April 25–26, the InText team attended the T–Update conference in Tallinn, Estonia.
The conference is designed to help LSP CEOs and decision–makers understand best practice, adopt new approaches and tools, and learn essential skills. Above all, the conference aims to establish and foster collaboration between peers from different companies and countries.

Meet InText at the 14th annual conference on April, 25–26 in Tallinn, Estonia! 22 March 2019

InText is going to T–UPDATE in Tallinn on April 25–26. We will be more than happy to see you there!

Speakers Wanted for UTICamp–2019! 06 March 2019

The Ukrainian Translation Industry Camp is looking for inspiring speakers to share their experience with the vast international translation community!

InText Takes Part in MTC’s 9th Meeting 25 December 2018

While InText Translation Company is preparing for UTICamp-2019, our CEO Stanislav Kalenyuk and our Deputy Director Stanislav Bogdanov have taken part in the Moscow Translation Club’s 9th meeting to catch up with colleagues and get some ‘conference inspiration’.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 24 December 2018

It has been a wonderful year full of challenging tasks, interesting projects and happy moments. We have done our best to meet and even exceed your expectations.
We thank you for being with us and we greatly value our cooperation! May the coming 2019 bring you prosperity, joy, health and harmony, love and all the very best!

InText holds its leading position 04 December 2018

InText Translation Company has held on to its first place among Ukrainian LSPs.

InText Welcomes its Newcomers 16 October 2018

Every year, to welcome the new InText employees, we hold an initiation ceremony. Seven new employees have joined InText this year, providing additional resources in the DTP, Automation, and Project Management departments.

Joseph Kovalov visits InText 09 October 2018

We continue to take every opportunity to find out something new, improve our expertise and go deeper into already familiar topics. From time to time, we invite guests to our office and ask them to talk about something useful, to give us a training course or a seminar.

InText’s 16th birthday 04 October 2018

What a better reward a company can offer to the employees than an extraordinary birthday party on a sunny autumn day?

Happy International Translation Day! 28 September 2018

Stay inspired and keep the spark of art alive in your everyday translation challenges!

InText at powwow in Dnipro 04 July 2018

A translators’ powwow organized by took place in Dnipro on June 16, 2018. The gathering started with a walk along the longest embankment in Europe, enjoying the pleasant shade of its numerous trees and its cool and refreshing fountains.

A Gift Voucher for a Holiday 20 June 2018

InTextians work hard all year round and deserve a good rest. That’s why we have offered each of our employees a gift voucher for a holiday at Meteorite during the summer.

A Pro from A to Z 31 May 2018

To reconfirm our commitment as a reliable and experienced language services provider, InText Translation Company has become a Business member of

InText’s Corporate Photo Session 17 May 2018

Every InTextians’ day is full of new challenges and hard work. So it is always great to have a few moments to relax and try some new teambuilding activities.

InText meets students 14 May 2018

InText Translation Company took part in the Job Fair at the Students’ Palace of Oles Honchar Dnipro National University and the Central Hall of Alfred Nobel University on April, 25.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 22 December 2017

This year, we didn’t want to make another clichéd gift, and we racked our brains for a long time before suddenly realizing that the best present had been right in front of our eyes all along.

InText Turns 15 19 December 2017

This year InText celebrates its 15th birthday!

From the outset, InText undertook to make our industry better, and now, 15 years later, we are still committed to pursuing this goal.

It has been a remarkable journey, full of challenges and risks, new achievements and awards.

Training Days at InText 09 November 2017

InText invited a business consultant to hold a training program.

InText celebrates International Translation Day 09 October 2017

At the end of September we traditionally celebrate International Translation Day. This year, as is traditional, we gathered in our biggest room to congratulate our linguists.

UTICamp-2016: How InText challenged the status quo 27 September 2017

Read our article about UTICamp-2016 to learn more about the event, to find out its background and to feel its atmosphere.

InText joined the MTC's 7th meeting 15 September 2017

InText joined the MTC's 7th meeting which was held on September 8, 2017.

InText's Summer Corporate Party 15 August 2017

InText has a good tradition of inviting the whole in-house team on an outdoor weekend every summer. It is a good opportunity to take a break from the bustle of the concrete jungle and recharge the batteries for the challenges ahead.

Three new videos from UTICamp-2016 27 June 2017

InText is an organizer of the UTICamp-2016 conference and shares the videos of the speeches online.

Happy winter holidays! 27 December 2016

The InText team wishes you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year!

InText: Ukraine’s Leading Translation Company 3 October 2016

According to a recently published survey by, InText Translation Company was the leader on the Ukrainian translation services market in 2015.

“Working with the Client: Practical Skills” —
a workshop by Elena Rudeshko for InText’s PMs
 23 September 2016

As part of its continuous education program for project managers, InText Translation Company invited Elena Rudeshko to hold a workshop entitled “Working with the Client: Practical Skills”.

UTICamp: Official video 1 August 2016

UTICamp was the first international translation conference held in the open air!

InText Moves Further with Automated QA and Adds Verifika 14 June 2016

Automated check of translated files is a standard QA procedure for any modern LSP. It helps to avoid serious errors which could not only lower the quality of the target files but also harm a translation company´┐Żs reputation.

UTIC-2016 is going to be a conference with a most unusual venue 02 May 2016

On June 10-12, 2016 we will attempt to accomplish the ambitious mission of combining a business event, prominent speakers and fascinating presentations about the art of translation and new technologies, with a camping adventure and a cordial reunion of old friends.

A detailed review of our quality and vendor management system 19 January 2016

Being among leaders of the Ukrainian translation industry requires constant improvement of company's business processes. We've been working a lot on our methods of quality assurance and control and now we want to share them with you.

Happy winter holidays! 25 December 2015

The whole InText team wishes you Merry Christmas and incredible 2016 New Year!

InText’s representatives at New Year Moscow Translation Club’s meeting 21 December 2015

We were happy to accept the invitation from the organisers of the Moscow Translation Club New Year’s meeting.

InText is now among the largest translation companies in Ukraine! 21 September 2015

InText Translation Company has grown in 2014 to become a leader of the Ukrainian translation services market...

Happy Holidays! 24 December 2014

We are thrilled to wish you a Merry Christmas and wonderful 2015 New Year!

Is paper-based knowledge worth saving? 14 October 2014

A recent systematization of the library of Yuriy A. Kalenyuk, co-founder of InText, revealed that the collection of over 4,000 items is perhaps among the largest private foreign language libraries in Ukraine...

InText is among the TOP 3 Language Service Providers in Ukraine 26 September 2014

According to the survey, 2013 yearlong results make InText the second-largest translation company headquartered in Ukraine.

60th anniversary of Yuzhnoye State Design Office 15 August 2014

One of the most well-known and recognized scientific and design companies in the world celebrated its anniversary.

Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference 2014 held against all odds 16 June 2014

Many of you follow the events that put Ukraine in the global news.
Yet few of you know that InText managed to...

Results of 2013 28 February 2014

It has been a year symbolizing zest, persistence, and hard work for InText.

InText Provides Interpreting at Energy Standard Cup 2013 30 December 2013

On 21-22 December, InText translation company provided interpreting during the international swimming meet Energy Standard Cup 2013 that took place at the Water Sports Palace of the Meteor Sports Complex, Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine.

Happy Holidays from InText! 20 December 2013

A Glimpse into the Future of Translation 17 November 2013

On 21 November 2013, InText is going to participate in a UTIC-2013 Webinar "A Glimpse into the Future of Translation" hosted by Jost Zetsche.

InText attends IDCEE Conference 13 November 2013

In mid-October, InText's representative Maryna Bogdan attended IDCEE Conference held in Kiev...

InText at ELIA's Networking Days Malta 4 November 2013

InText continues expanding its global reach and, this time, our representative Valentyna Kozlova traveled to Malta for ELIA's Networking Days...

InText provided interpreting for USPE European Police Championship 5 October 2013

InText was chosen to provide interpreting services for the USPE European Police Championship in Swimming, which was held in Dnipropetrovsk in September.

Happy International Translation Day from InText! 30 September 2013

Traditionally, we celebrate International Translators Day on 30 September. The holiday origin goes back to generations of translators ago...

InText at SAP Forum 2013 13 June 2013

On 29 May, 2013 InText Translation Company attended the annual SAP Forum in Kiev, one of the largest events in the field of innovation technologies.

UTIC 2013: 10 Lessons Learnt 06 June 2013

On 18 and 19 May 2013, the first Ukrainian Translation Industry Conference took place in the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, organized by InText. We'd like to tell you what the event taught us...

InText attends GALA 2013 22 April 2013

This time the Globalization and Localization Association (GALA) has invited the global translation and localization community to Miami, USA...

InText joins the American Translators Association 8 April 2013

We are pleased to announce that from now on InText is a member of the American Translators Association...

2012 in Figures and Images 22 February 2013

This has been an important year for InText. We have signed some important contracts and taken on big projects to shape the development of the company. There have been moments of success, including events like the InText Forum, Translation Forum Russia 2012 and Localization World Conference. There has been time for contemplation as InText turned ten years old in 2012...

InText at Interpipe Steel 29 January 2013

We took a guided tour of Interpipe Steel, the recently launched electric steel mill complex, which is the first metallurgical plant built from scratch since Ukraine became independent.

InText Passes ISO 9001:2008 Recertification Audit 28 December 2012

InText Translation Company successfully passed the ISO 9001:2008 surveillance audit held on November 22.

Localization World Conference 2 November 2012

This year the Localization World conference welcomed over 600 participants from more than 30 countries to Seattle on October 17-19. The conference targeted the challenges and technologies of reaching the global, mobile world.

InText at ELIA Networking Days Budapest 31 October 2012

On 4-6 October, 2012, ELIA invited its members and the global translation industry community to spend three days in the welcoming and inspiring atmosphere of the magical city of Budapest. Elaborate organization, excellent content and a beautiful setting have always been quintessential elements of ELIA Networking Days.

InText Attends Translation Forum Russia 2012 29 October 2012

Translation Forum Russia, one of the largest regional events in the translation industry, gathered around 500 participants this year and despite a lot of challenges and obstacles impressed both local and international visitors with intense content and a welcoming, community atmosphere...

InText's First Visit to the ATC Conference 26 September 2012

On September 14, Olga Fomenko, a representative of InText, gave a presentation at the conference organized by the Association of Translation Companies headquartered in London, UK. The program included...

New Conference Season 30 August 2012

The period of summer vacations is winding down. Fall is but a couple of days away; it will bring a new spurt of business activity and another conference season that InText is eager to open. There are traditional events and new conferences to which our representatives have been invited as speakers, are attending as exhibitors, video journalists and partners.

InText Forum 2012 11 June 2012

InText Forum was successfully held on Saturday, May 26, 2012. The event was hosted in the company's home city of Dnepropetrovsk, and it brought together in-house employees and the most dedicated freelancers that have been collaborating with us on a long-term basis.

DIN EN 15038 Registration 28 May 2012

Early in May 2012 InText was registered by DIN Certco as being in compliance with EN 15038 Standards.
Approved in 2006 by the European Committee for Standardization, EN 15038 aims to normalize and systematize procedures of the translation processes for delivering language services. Obtaining the notification of registration showcases the company's efforts to product high quality translations.

InText attends ELIA Networking Days Madrid 14 May 2012

From May 3rd to 5th, 2012, InText Translation Company attended Networking Days held in Madrid. The event was hosted by the European Language Industry Association (ELIA). It was the first ELIA event for us and the twelfth conference of the series.

InText attends the GALA 2012 Conference in Monaco 24 April 2012

The 4th annual Language of Business, Business of Language Conference hosted by the Globalization and Localization Association was held in Monaco this year.
The the event was truly diverse and intense: new formats, interesting perspectives, fresh ideas, and top discussions.

2011 in Figures and Images 8 February 2012

In 2011, InText continued growing. Again, record-breaking results were achieved in translation volumes and the number of projects...

InText Ranked 11th among TOP 100 Russian LSPs 5 January 2012

Back in November 2011, Russian translation companies participated in a project to reveal top 100 of Russian translation providers. The results published on December 23 showed that InText takes 11th place.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 24 December 2011

As the end of the year approaches, we would like to look back on what this year have brought us and thank to all who helped us get wiser and stronger.

Self Improvement and Personal Growth: Course of Trainings Completed 22 December 2011

A new course aimed at personal growth was completed by our team in mid-November. The course consisted of 4 training sessions that were taking place once a fortnight each covering one topic

Brainstorming Dec 2011 19 December 2011

Brainstorming Dec 2011 - a one-day, invitation-only unique event took place in Moscow on December 14, 2011, bringing together senior leaders of InText Translation Company, Neotech and All Correct Language Solutions.

InText Awarded ISO 9001:2008 Certification 9 December 2011

InText Translation Company, one of the leading Russian and Ukrainian translation providers, has been awarded ISO 9001:2008 certificate for its language and DTP services.

InText at Travel Fair 2011 4 November 2011

On October 31 InText Translation Company participated in the Travel Fair 2011, traditionally organized by the Alfred Nobel University to help its students and graduates realize their full career potential.

InText at Translation Forum Russia 2011 14 October 2011

InText Translation Company has once again become a partner and participant of Translation Forum Russia, an international conference with almost 500 participants from more than 15 countries.

InText at Ukraine Conference 2011 26 September 2011

InText Translation Company has attended and sponsored Conference Ukraine 2011. The event was held in Kharkiv on September 17-18. The conference gathered members of, the world's largest community of translators. As always, education, communication and support were the main goals of the event. Ukraine Conference 2011 8 September 2011

InText will sponsor and present at Ukraine Conference 2011 to be held in Kharkiv on September 17-18.

Translation Forum Russia 2011 30 August 2011

One of the largest conferences in Russia and the CIS welcomes translation and localization professionals from all over the world on September, 23-25.

InText Translation Forum 2011 31 May 2011

The event brought together the team of in-house employees and the most dedicated freelancers, that have been stably providing us with professional reliable services.

InText at GALA 2011 Conference 20 April 2011

GALA brought it all together once again: meeting of minds, value, innovation, and a refreshingly different experience. This time in Lisbon, Portugal.

InText's Results in 2010 21 February 2011

As usual, at the beginning of the year we were revising our plans, adjusting our targets, defining new areas of development and assigning priorities.

InText at tekom 2010 30 December 2010

Tekom conference and Trade Fair counted around 3,000 of participants and exhibitors, and more than 200 presentations and workshops.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011 Year! 

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

InText's 8th anniversary 23 October 2010

Our company has recently celebrated its 8th anniversary.

InText at Translation Forum Russia 2010 7 October 2010

On September 23-26, Yekaterinburg welcomed dozens of freelancers, in-house translators and interpreters working for large industrial companies, universities and translation companies in Russia and abroad for annual conference.

InText held a GALA Webinar 3 September 2010

GALA invited us to prepare a webinar based on the presentation 'High Quality Translations: Myth or Reality. An SLV's Perspective'.

Arturo Quintero (Moravia Worldwide) visits InText 5 July 2010

InText Translation Company welcomed Arturo Quintero, co-owner and chief corporate strategist at Moravia Worldwide.

InText at GALA 2010 Conference 31 May 2010

May 10-12, Czech Republic, GALA was holding a conference, where InText Translation Company made a special presentation.

InText team welcomes AA Global representatives 5 April 2010

Despite the fact that we have been cooperating with AA Global for a long time, only this year we, finally, had an opportunity to welcome our established client.

InText's Results in 2009 15 February 2010

The year 2009 was a difficult year for InText, but our company proved to be able to focus on finding and implementing crucial solutions.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2010 Year! 

Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year!

InText at TEKOM & TCWORLD 2009 16 November 2009

On 4-6 November 2009 two events supported by tekom association took place at the Rhein-Main-Halls (Wiesbaden, Germany): tcworld conference and tekom Trade Fair exhibition.

Celebrating 7 years of InText 30 October 2009

At the end of October InText Company celebrated its 7th birthday.

Education and cooperation inside InText: innovations and results 19 October 2009

From the very beginning of the company's existence and until now InText has viewed continuous improvement of the team competence and exchange of knowledge and experience as its key tasks.

Obituary for Yury A. Kalenyuk 18 July 2009

It is with the deepest regret and sadness that we have to inform our partners, customers and friends that our Director, Yury A. Kalenyuk, lost his battle against cancer and died aged 73 on 18 July 2009.

InText becomes the member of LISA 16 July 2009

We believe that membership in this association will allow us to learn practical aspects of localization, receive timely "fresh" information about various events in the translation industry, its standards and rules, as well as to share experience, which, in its turn, will help us to improve the quality of provided services.

InText opens Training Center 26 May 2009

Recently we have made another step forward: the Company has opened the Staff Training center. The Center will allow editors and proofreaders to learn and develop their professional skills.

Seminars for students in Dnepropetrovsk 21 April 2009

InText Company and Oleg Rudavin, moderator for the CIS, held two seminars for the students of National Mining Academy and Dnepropetrovsk National University named after O. Gonchar.

InText's Progress in 2008 4 February 2009

In 2008, the Company made yet another step forward in realization of its strategic plans.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

Let the coming year bring you a lot of interesting work, bright ideas, unforgettable experiences, reliable friends, partners and colleagues! May it bring you stability, prosperity, peace and joy!

tekom annual conference was held on 5-7 November 2008

This year representatives of our Company attended the tekom annual exhibition and conference held in Wiesbaden.

InText celebrated its 6th anniversary! 25 October 2008

Last years saw creation of a stable basis for sustainable growth. Therefore, our current task is to use our accumulated potential.

Kharkov Conference "The Translator as Key Player" 18-19 October 2008

Regional conference organized by translators' website took place in Kharkiv. This is the first time such an event has been held in the translation market history of not only Ukraine, but also the other CIS countries.

Translation Management Europe 2008 9-10 October 2008

Representatives of our Company attended TM-Europe 2008 annual conference in Warsaw (Poland) organized by the Polish Association of Translation Agencies, which was held on October 9-10, 2008 in the Marriott Hotel. The theme of the conference was "Translation Management - Customers, Vendors and Processes Management Today".

Seminar of Ukrainian Translators Association 2 June 2008

On May 24, 2008, All-Ukrainian public organization Association of Ukrainian Translators held its next workshop out of the set "Important Theoretical and Practical Issues of Translation".

InText has become a full member of the leading association in the area of translation services and technologies 26 May 2008

Our participation in GALA is one of the steps to learn the best practices of applying the global standards in the industry and particularly in the business processes of our company.

The Latest Kharkiv Conference 20 April 2008

We are happy to inform you that the representatives from our Company took part in one more conference which was held in Kharkiv. The Conference was dedicated to the urgent translation-related issues.

Implementation of modern system of joint decision-making 27 March 2008

InText Translation Company has implemented a new software product which is the powerful set of tools for data and document management, optimization of business processes efficiency and creation of secure interaction environment.

Translators' meeting in Donetsk 24 February 2008

The meeting of translators was held in Donetsk which was dedicated to the discussion of the most pressing problems which are the cause of the increased concern for our colleagues in European and CIS countries.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to our customers and partners!

On the eve of these wonderful holidays let us express our gratitude to the customers of our company! Your increasing demand for our services is a real incentive for improvement in all the aspects of our work. Thank you for your trust, understanding and support!

Act of charity for St. Nicholas Day 19 December 2007

InText Translation Company has launched its charitable activity.

Kharkov rally in December 8 December 2007

Our on-going challenge is striving for excellence. To this effect we are not only trying to find our own solutions, but also apply the best practice in our industry. We believe that participation in hands-on workshops and conferences is indispensable to learn the new methods of best practice.

InText celebrated its 5th anniversary! 20 October 2007

5 years ago we started as a small translation agency, and our services then included mainly translation of personal documents with notary's attestation. Over these years of continuous growth our company has built a reputation of a reliable partner on international translation market offering the services of translation, reviewing, localization and DTP in many complex technical fields.
Now we can perform jobs of almost any volume and complexity. We employ highly qualified linguists, technical and DTP specialists with a wide experience in their field who can meet the requirements of the most demanding customers. Our customer-oriented approach allows us to provide high quality services within the required deadlines.
So, we already have a history of our achievements. We build on them in our daily work and are full of energy aspiring to new horizons. And with our devoted team we can have confidence in our future growth.

Kharkov powwow 26 May 2007

We are growing in number! Winter 2006-2007
Two new employees joined our team - a reviewer/translator from German and HR Manager. We are sure that their contribution to our common work will be invaluable. With an in-house expert in German we hope to improve the quality and speed up the delivery of our translations from that language. HR Manager will help with the search and selection of freelance translators for our supplier base.

Infrastructure Fall 2006
Recently we have upgraded our hardware and improved the use of network technologies. For that purpose we purchased a new powerful server and installed domain-based LAN in our offices, implemented centralized systems of antivirus protection and data back-up. This enabled us to enhance stability and security of our computer systems and speed up the operation of our database.
All these steps are only a part of our extensive program of improving the customer service quality.

Oil&Gas Project Winter 2005-2006
Translation project in the field of oil&gas completed (appr. 400 thousand words). 5 translators, one editor, one project manager and a DTP specialist were involved in the project. The work on the project lasted for two months. All intructions and requirements of the client were met.

Staff enlargement Spring 2005
Two experienced highly professional editors joined our Translation Company.

50 new volumes Summer 2004
According to our estimation, during the last quarter, our library increased by 50 new volumes, including the Russian-French Dictionary of Aerospace Terminology (A.Murashkevych, 2 vol.), German-Russian Dictionary of Fuel and Oil (A.Chochia), Russian-Ukrainian Legal Dictionary (S.Vorobyov), Russia-Italian Business Dictionary (I.Zhdanov) etc.

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