Ukraine continues to defend itself in the war treacherously unleashed by Russia against our peaceful country. In these darkest times for the Ukrainian people, each of us is doing what we can to help our country to victory and to support our people.

InText keeps working, as this also helps us to continue providing humanitarian aid and support.

During past couple of weeks, we have:

  • Supplied food and basic necessities to several families of refugees who have arrived in Dnipro.
  • Purchased pregnancy support medicine for female refugees at the request of a local doctor.
  • Also, in cooperation with the local charitable fund “Obiymy mene”, we have managed to buy household supplies for an orphanage, provide food for lonely elderly people, and buy urgent medical supplies for the local children’s intensive care unit.

We will continue to provide support and report on our actions, encouraging anyone who can to join in.

We thank our clients, freelance partners and employees for making this possible.  

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