The annual tcworld conference and tekom fair were held on November 12–14 in Stuttgart, Germany. tekom is a professional association of various companies that share a common goal: creating and disseminating technical communication.

This year, the event was attended by 4,550 delegates with 140 companies participating in the exhibition, and included over 240 presentations, workshops, seminars and meetings.

This impressive number of participants is explained by the fact that the exhibition is a well-known meeting point for software developers, members of national associations of technical writers, scientific organizations and various international organizations, as well as representatives of translation companies. The conference attracts people who want to keep up with all the trends - development, translation, localization and design - in the world of technical documentation and who want to be the first to learn about innovative technologies and solutions for specific issues.

InText is a member of tekom Association and we simply could not miss this landmark event, which brings together a wide range of experts. We went to the exhibition as a delegation including Stanislav Kalenyuk (CEO), Anna Kraineva (Head of Project Management), Stanislav Bogdanov (CBDO), Valeriya Vezovyk (Senior Project Manager) and Sergiy Ishchuk (Editor and translator).

A large exhibition room was provided for stands and pavilions where the participants demonstrated their new products: software, technical solutions and innovative approaches.



InText's fascinating booth at the tekom fair

InText also took part in the exhibition. We came to introduce our company and to talk about our services and UTICamp – a unique outdoor translation conference organised by us. In our exhibition pavilion, we combined the theme of aerospace and technical translation (one of our key specialisations) with the spirit of nature, relaxation and freedom. The result was exciting!

We also could not overlook the conference. We focused on presentations about technical translation, visual communication, artificial intelligence and machine translation, and we enjoyed the other presentations exploring these issues. Many other areas and topics were also presented: a complete list and overview of all the presentations, prepared by the organisers, can be found here.


Presentations and sessions at tcworld-2019

In addition to attending presentation sessions and working at the fair, our agenda included meetings with our customers and partners. tekom is an excellent networking platform because there is nothing better than a personal (face–to–face) meeting and spending productive time with a customer discussing common plans, goals and expectations.


Meeting with clients and InText's raffle winners

We achieved the goals we set ourselves at tekom, having picked up new insights and experience, as well as a wealth of useful information which is now being eagerly discussed inside our team. But what is more important, we came away with a clearer vision of what's going on in the industry and are now able to make decisions about the company's future with greater confidence.

In conclusion, it is worth saying that every new tekom fair brings more and more value, and so attending the conference and the fair itself is becoming a must for companies working in the business of technical documentation and translation worldwide. InText is no exception: in 2020, we plan to attend tekom again and would be happy to meet you there.

We are grateful to the event organizers for their support and warm hospitality.

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