InText Translation Company always strives to serve its clients better, and in return, we earn the trust and respect of our customers. This translates into long-term partnerships and, as a result, higher volumes of work. And, consequently, to respond to these new challenges and complete more projects with the same level of confidence we require new players for our team.

Seven new employees have joined InText this year, providing additional resources in the DTP, Automation, and Project Management departments. New people bring new knowledge, new skills and a lot of new energy to push our company forward.

Every year, to show our respect and mark the beginning of a new period in the lives of our employees, we hold an initiation ceremony. This year, on the day of the company’s anniversary our seniors tied white necktiesaround the necks of the newcomers who, for their part, took a symbolic oath to serve the company faithfully.

And so, with our fantastic new staff members on board, we begin our next prosperous year in business.

We welcome our newcomers!

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